Tips for Shipping Refrigerated Freight in Reefers

Tips for Shipping Refrigerated Freight in Reefers

If you ship fresh or frozen foods, fresh flowers, certain medications or cosmetic products, or other temperature-sensitive goods, you ship them via reefers—refrigerated trailers. While a lot of the responsibility for properly loading and maintaining your cargo falls on your transportation provider, there are some things you should know about shipping refrigerated freight on your end.

So, here are some pointers about shipping refrigerated freight in reefers to help ensure your products arrive at their destination in good shape.

Things to Know About Shipping Refrigerated Freight

  • Choose a carrier that closely monitors the temperature in its refrigerated trailers.
  • Reefers don’t cool their cargo, they only maintain its temperature. So, your freight should be at its ideal temperature when you hand it off for loading.
  • Make sure your cooled freight is all ready to be quickly loaded into the trailer.
  • Properly package your freight. If it’s food that requires ventilation, make sure the containers provide it. Packaging must be able to withstand crushing.
  • As with loading, make sure your freight is quickly returned to its refrigerator or freezer once it’s unloaded from the truck.


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